Three IPREM Young Researchers Present at ICMGP

Three young researchers from Université de Pau et des Pays de l’Adour, Institute of Analytical Sciences and Physico-Chemistry for Environment and Materials (UPPA, IPREM) successfully delivered three oral presentations at The International Conference on Mercury as a Global Pollutant 2022, which took place online from 24th – 29th July 2022 during a special session Selenium-mercury interactions in aquatic food webs: The state of science and future research directions.

The presentation titles and authors are as follows:

*Title: First Time Identification of Selenoneine in Seabirds and its Potential Role in Mercury Detoxification.

Authors: Khouloud El Hanafi, Zoyne Pedrero, Laurent Ouerdane, Claudia Marchán-Moreno, Silvia Queipo-Abad, Maite Bueno, Florence Pannier, Warren T Corns, Yves Cherel, Paco Bustamante, David Amouroux

*Title: Mercury isotopes to identify the dynamics of dietary methylmercury in rainbow trout after selenium species supplementation
Authors: Silvia Queipo-Abad, Claudia Marchán-Moreno, Warren T. Corns, Pascale Louvat, Stéphanie Fontagné- Dicharry, David Amouroux, Zoyne Pedrero-Zayas

*Title: Influence of Selenium on Fate of Mercury in Fish: An Aquaculture Study.

Authors: Claudia Marchán-Moreno; Silvia Queipo-Abad; Marious Bidon, Khouloud El Hanafi, Warren T. Corns, Maite Bueno, Florence Pannier, David Amouroux, Stéphanie Fontagné-Dicharry, Zoyne Pedrero-Zayas


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