Coast to Coast: Nature-Based Solutions for Climate, Biodiversity & People

Hosted by the RSPB and the Environment Agency, this event will showcase successful examples of habitat restoration in coastal wetlands and illustrate the benefits to climate mitigation, adaptation and resilience, the economy, and health and well-being of local communities. The event will share lessons learned from implementation and community engagement and facilitate discussion around the value of these sites. Examples of projects illustrated will include the Central Mangrove Wetland in the Cayman Islands, Medmerry in the UK, Shanghai Chongming Dongtan National Nature Reserve and Jiangsu Yancheng Yellow Sea World Heritage Site in China and the South Korean Yellow Sea Getbol World Heritage Site. Through these projects, and others, this event will explore the ecological and cultural benefits that protecting these habitats can bring for the environment and local people. The past 200 years has resulted in significant global loss of nature-rich, carbon-storing coastal wetlands, which provide a lifeline for millions of people. This event demonstrates how through restoring, protecting and creating these habitats we can make coastlines more resilient to sea level rise and coastal erosion, whilst providing significant benefits for people and nature, through using nature-based solutions.

Event Organiser: The RSPB and Environment Agency


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