First MERFISH Secondment in Brazil

Last week, the MERFISH project implemented the first secondment at Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil with two representatives from the Université de Pau et des Pays de l’Adour, Institute of Analytical Sciences and Physico-Chemistry for Environment and Materials (UPPA, IPREM): Dr Zoyne Pedrero Zayas, the Project Coordinator of MERFISH; and Dr Laurent Ouerdane, the Project Coordinator of PREFALC.

Professor Fernando Barbosa, Universidade de São Paulo, who is depicted in two of the images, is a partner in both the MERFISH and PREFALC projects, thus strengthening the synergies between the two initiatives.

The purpose of these intersectorial secondments is to facilitate an exchange of research and knowledge transfer. The synergies of the participating institutions can thus be reinforced through the secondments of investigators who will bring to the table their expertise from previous and on-going projects and foster further upskilling. Moreover, the development of lasting research

collaborations will help MERFISH to share its results and benefit EU academic, non-academic and Third Country partners.


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